About the company

History & Legacy

Pitre Business Ventures LLP was formerly Sushrut Surgicals Pvt Ltd founded in 1973. It was so renamed after the entire business and brands were acquired by Smith & Nephew.

The company, before the business was acquired in October 2013, was engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of solutions in the Orthopedic sub specialties of Trauma, Spine and Limb Salvage.

The company, from very humble beginnings, grew from strength to strength over 4 decades and was even recognized by a Data monitor survey of emerging markets in 2004 which recognized the uniqueness of India as one of the very few countries where multinational companies did not totally dominate the top three positions of the market, and where a domestic player (Sushrut) was among the top three players (in the space of the specific product mix in which it was engaged).

This was achieved through a development agenda set with a very strong connect with the Clinicians, Quality Management Ethic, increasing contribution to surgeon education and an unflinching commitment to continual improvement with a goal of excellence in every aspect of its activities. This was enabled by evolving a great management team as well as a 150 dealer network pan India as well as in about 20+ countries. The company received various accolades which includes some National Awards as well as various awards from Chambers of Commerce for Entrepreneurship, Safety and Excellence; establishing it as a brand leader in the field.

The Future

Pitre Business Ventures now under the leadership of its Managing Partner, Mr. Ajay Pitre, with a proven track record of over 25 years, intends to work in varied activities which will include assisting Technology Companies, Innovators, and early Entrepreneurs. It would also aim to assist enterprises aiming to leverage the strengths of India both for inbound and outbound business opportunities.